Rockstar Doge

The Famous Crypto Rockstar Doge...

Rockstar Doge Facts

Born in Berlin where my whole great career began. I discovered my great talent for music and cryptocurrencies early on. I am now a very well known star in the crypto world. I am happy to keep all of my fans entertained by rewarding them richly for investing in my own token. Let’s rock it!

My Music




Redistributed to Holders


Automatic Burn


My loving team and I will thank you by regularly donating to various institutions and people in need. We let the community choose and vote on it.


Here you will find the important and completely passed audit and all detailed information about the entire project in the form of a whitepaper.


My Tour Plan

  • Design, Graphics
  • Music Production With Dj Ben Van Berg
  • Development (Contract, Website)
  • Presale
  • Launch
  • Airdrops, Giveaways
  • Big Marketing Campaigns
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • 5000 Holders
  • More Marketing Campaigns
  • Influencer, Musicians
  • Various Adds, Social Media Presence
  • Great Promotions For The Community
  • 10.000 Holders
  • More Music Productions
New York
  • Music Events
  • Big Airdrop Campaign
  • Cool Merchandise (Clothing And Other Items)
  • 25.000 Holders
  • Special Marketing Campaigns
  • Centralized Exchange Listing
  • Big Marketing Plans
  • Unique And Very Special NFT Music Portal
  • For Fans And Musicians
  • More Tier 1 and 2 Exchange Listings
  • 50.000 Holders
Rio de Janeiro
  • Amazing And Top Secret Surprise 
  • More Music Events And Marketing
  • To Be Announced


Here are all of my social media channels for my wonderful fans. Important and cool things can be found here.
Visit me there and check it out!

How To Buy Rockstar Doge

1. Install MetaMask or TrustWallet

Open your Google Chrome or Firefox and visit
Download the MetaMask chrome extension and set up a wallet.
On mobile? Get MetaMask’s app for iPhone or Android.

2. Purchase BNB on an Exchange

Transfer BNB to your MetaMask or TrustWallet.

3. Swap on PancakeSwap

Visit PancakeSwap and click connect wallet.

Copy the Rockstar Doge Address below and set your slippage to 12%.

Contract Address: 0x1c8d407ad2b4b755482743c542b680bd4385476c

Our Partners


You can contact us here if you want to tell us something special or if you want to have an autograph! All important and new information is available in the Telegram group.